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New Mexico really is the Land of Enchantment due to our fantastic temperate weather, amazing scenery, and reputation for great outdoor opportunities. Whether we want to open our state up to tourist or enjoy our family traditions of taking our children up to the camping grounds we enjoyed in our youth, protecting our land, fish, and game is part of the charge left to us by our predecessors. I take this legacy very seriously as a father. I want all our children to cherish the memories of fishing and hunting trips with their parents as I did with mine.

During my tenure as your Representative, I have had the opportunity to guarantee this heritage continues. I have sponsored several bills to deal with stiffening poaching penalties so that rather than being a misdemeanor, trophy poaching would be a felony. Deterring off-season wasteful killing allows all of us to enjoy the active hunting season legally.  I have worked with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish in several areas such as sponsoring aquaponics farming opportunities that would conserve water and giving the NMDGF more flexibility in dealing with violations from simple infractions of licenses to dealing with those who should be prosecuted for poaching or wastefully killing. I have honored our active service members and veterans by sponsoring a bill to give them discounted rates for hunting and fishing licenses. I believe there is still more to be done to guard our recreational areas.  I will continue to support these measures and others to guarantee we all can create those good hunting and fishing memories. Who doesn’t like a good fish tale around the campfire?

As an avid sportsman and supporter of the second amendment, I believe in responsibly utilizing and managing our recreational resources wisely so all citizens of New Mexico can enjoy them.  We, the people of the Land of Enchantment, are richly blessed.