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Public Safety

Security has to be of primary importance to every American in the precarious times we live in. Being able to walk out our door and enjoy the liberties afforded us in a free society takes work by those of us who serve in public office. I bear the responsibility of assuring our community remains a peaceful place to raise a family. I take that obligation seriously.

Valencia County, along with the State of New Mexico, faces many challenges. We are a growing community. Population growth brings the issue of securing our neighborhoods. I have worked to stop the revolving door of our penal system by seeking to expand the list of crimes that would prevent felons from qualifying for early release so dangerous criminals are kept out of our communities. I fought to close the legal loopholes of child predators that could be charged for each depiction of child pornography in their possession. I believe in giving a second chance for less serious offenders so prosecutors and judges should have options when sentencing such as rehabilitation centers or community service. Since protection begins with preventative measures, I have supported the efforts of education toward homeland security, nationally and in our own community’s schools.  I will continue to fight for funding of our emergency responders, be they police, paramedics, or firefighters. I believe our first course of action in protecting our families is to be good neighbors and watch out for each other. Alone, a man can easily be defeated, but together we are strong.

We can have those neighborhoods where kids still play outside until the street lamps come on. We are still that place where the big event is the Parade on Main Street. We are still safe. We need to stay that way, but it will take work. I am willing to put the work in. You have my word on that.