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“I got a job!” Do you remember the first time you said that? Maybe you were just a teen and it was a summer job. Maybe you had to work your way through college. Whatever the situation was we all know that having that job meant independence, maturity, and security. It still does. We all need to work. If we don’t work we don’t eat, as the Bible says. Having a job is vital, not just for our sense of independence, maturity, and security, but because we have families to feed, mortgages to pay, and people who depend on us to care for them.  Economically we must bring jobs into our state and county.

I am a member of the bipartisan Jobs Council of the New Mexico Legislature. The Jobs Council set forth initiatives to bring jobs into our state that will make a difference. These initiatives include funding advertising, job training programs, revitalization projects, economic development awards, and technology collaborations. We are doing all we can to incentivize business to come to our state, and to help existing businesses to remain and grow.

As a small business owner I know the struggles of a fluctuating economy. My wife and I have had our share of lean years when prayer was more substantial than our bank account. I understand how important it is to have work. I know what it is feel that security of knowing there is food for your children, and the relief it is to put your head on the pillow knowing you’ve got to get to work in the morning. As your representative, I will make sure that happens in our county. It’s my job.