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An “Open Door Policy” is not just lip service in my office. I believe in having an open door, not just in business but especially in politics. I have been elected by the people, so they have a right to be able to talk to me about what concerns them and to expect I am the same guy they see at the store back home as I am at the office in the legislature. It is my job, to best serve as your representative, to be approachable, visible, and honestly concerned about our state’s needs.

Integrity has to be my priority, not just for myself, but for my peers and all those serving in public office. As a citizen, a voter, and an American I hold the expectation that when the oath of office is taken by those we elect that when they give their word to uphold the laws of their community, state, and nation they will do so. Those who do not live up to their pledge should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Corruption in office should not be tolerated.

As a member of the leadership in the House of Representatives, I believe in open committee meetings, including streaming meetings so the public can monitor their elected officials and give feedback. I have sponsored a bill that would mandate archival of webcast meetings to prevent alteration of public records. We have the technology to make our system transparent; it’s time to use it. I will continue to work to pass laws to hold to these ideals and work across party lines to fight against corruption no matter where it may be rooted.

My door is always open.